Monday, 21 February 2011

The Fourth Event

On the 28th of February, which is next Monday, we invite you to join us for the fourth event in our series. We're past the halfway point now, and to celebrate we will be having a short wine reception afterwards, generously provided by the alumni office. Even more compellingly, there will be talks from Lindsay Smith on socio-cultural differences in mental health care, and Stergios Stotas on the potential of cognitive radio. As ever, our venue is KCL's Anatomy Theatre on the Strand Campus; as ever, all are very welcome and encouraged to attend regardless of disciplinary or institutional affiliations!

Videos of the previous talks are coming - apologies for the continued delay. They'll be up on YouTube and on this site as soon as they get processed.

Monday, 7 February 2011

The Third Event

Next Monday, 14th February, we welcome two speakers from cross-disciplinary departments: Edison Bicudo from the Centre for Biomedicine in Society, who will be talking about his sociological study of clinical trials, and Oyvind Eide from the Centre for Computing in the Humanities, who will be speaking about computer modelling and cartography. The event commences at 6:15 in the Anatomy Theatre, which is on KCL's Strand Campus. This week we'll be sharing the space with another interdisciplinary event, CAVES, and we will be sharing some drinks with them! We hope you can join us.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Getting Underway

A few technical mishaps are keeping this website, temporarily, from being the hub of interdisciplinary wonderment which it deserves to be. However, we will soon be offering videos of the four talks we've so far hosted, and the next event (on February the 14th) will end with a wine reception generously sponsored by KCL's alumni relations office. When the videos come out it is also my intention to post a little more writing about our ideology and the reasons we're doing what we're doing.

So there's lots in the pipeline! Thanks for your forbearance and, if you're new, please do take a look at our calendar and mission statement for more details in the meantime.